Thursday, June 19, 2008

Trying Windows Live Writer

Okay, so I learned from Dawn at about this Live writer... I'm going to try it.  Okay, here's where I live:drifts-front

Seriously.  This was ONE DAY's snow.  Of course, it was several months ago... but always start with the dramatic, right?  oh - that green thing sticking out from the snow slightly toward the left of center- that's a 4" high bush!

Map image

Okay, this is where I live - does it make sense now? If you zoom out from the map, you realize I can see Canada from my living room (yes, literally!)

So, I'm looking at the MSN live weather and it's 51 degrees here.  I'm talking Fahrenheit.  And it's the first day of summer in 36 minutes.  Now, you know why I picked the picture above.

BTW, we got 126" of snow last winter (you're calculating in your mind how high 126" is.......You're clicking on "calculator".... never mind - it's 10 1/2 feet!!!!)  Yes, higher than your garage door.  about as high as from the ground to the roof of my porch in the above picture.  We had snow on the ground in May.  We had a wind chill of 42 last night at soccer  (and my 50 lb. 11-year-old was running around in shorts!!!)

When, oh when will summer come? Next week when we go to Philadelphia for a wedding.  Yeah, the forecast there will be 94.  Nothing like one extreme to the other!  (And, no, it's not a "dry" heat there.)

Again.. 3 months!

Okay, so three months have gone by since my last post - again. It's probably because I'm reading Dawn's Because I Said So blog... What a riot. I only wish I could write with her sense of humor! I do have one...

The other day at work, I was telling the other nurses about a story I read in the newspaper. I read that there was a study about some researchers using baby's first stool (otherwise known as meconium) as a facial mask because of the high protein concentration. I said it was really good for the skin because it would draw out all the impurities (you know how hard it is to get off a baby's butt and how smooth they end up feeling.) All around the nurse's station I see them making faces of varying stages of disbelief, shock, horror and nausea. One nurse is falling for it hook, line and sinker.

Then I say, "the only problem is when you have it on, people tell you that you look like $h1t!" They lost it. Sometimes I can pull it off.

Not Dawn. Daily, the girl does. I toss my hat to you.